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How I planned my dream

-- By Cindy
  07/31/2016 11:50 AM
It was a quiet week, but gave me time to reflect on how I came to be here in the middle of France for 6 months!

Busy week of chateaux and wine tours!

-- By Cindy
  07/25/2016 12:58 PM

We saw two great chateaux and tasted lots of wine!

Sleeping Beauty Castle

-- By Cindy
  07/18/2016 07:44 AM

Road trip to Chateau Usse' in the Loire Valley

Trip to Bordeaux and wine country

-- By Cindy
  07/13/2016 09:22 AM

Experiencing Soccer mania and wine country!

Ooh La La - Cindy's great adventure

-- By Cindy
  07/09/2016 03:14 PM

Okay, we know I am a Klutz!

Finally blue skies and sunshine!

-- By Cindy
  07/06/2016 10:00 AM

Sunny skies and warm temperture means road trip!

Bon Voyage !!

-- By Cindy
  06/30/2016 11:20 AM

The Congerettes have a Bon Voyage party for me!

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Office Closed This Friday the 16th

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