Heartbleed Security Update

Dear Clients,

You may have heard of the Heartbleed Bug, which has exposed information on some internet systems. You can read more about the Heartbleed bug here:

We were worried that your private financial information may have been exposed due to this bug. The majority of your financial information is kept in our office. We keep it on our custom server, which is protected by a physical firewall and is monitored 24/7 by our outside IT specialists. However, some of your personal information is transmitted over encrypted connections to outside companies.

The last few days, I’ve been calling the companies who have access to, or store, your personal information. These are companies we use to serve you, such as Fidelity, Federated Investors, ShareFile and so on.

As of this time, all the companies we talked to have said that they don’t use Open SSL and are not exposed to this bug.

Even so, we’d like to encourage everyone to use ShareFile when sending us personal information or forms. You can log into ShareFile here: You can get your password by clicking the “Forgot Password?” link. If you have trouble using ShareFile or need some help, just give me a call and I can walk you through it. By using ShareFile, you prevent your documents from being exposed on the internet while they’re in transit.