Ooh La La - Cindy's great adventure

So we decided to take a train trip to Paris to be able to give explicit instructions to people who are coming to visit about how to get here.  Getting the train to Paris wasn't a problem.  However, we tried to take the Metro to the Museum D'Orsay, and missed the connecting metro.  So, we walked past Notre Dame, and Summer (famous for telliong me it's not that far!) said we can walk to Museum.  We stopped on the way for lunch, but then the fast Bataan death march  began.  About 14 blocks later (at a fast clip) we reached the Musea D'Orsay, the one museum I hadn't visited in my previous trips.  I'd only had about a 1/4 liter of water before we got to the museum, and I noticed my calves were cramping, but of course, I ignored that.  We went to the fifth floor of the museum, to see the Impressionists paintings.  I was in the 3rd room when my calves both started cramping.  I tried to walk towards the bench in the middle of the room, and suddenly my legs collapsed under me.  I was down for the count with terrible cramps in my calves and shin splints.  I have all these strangers asking if I'm alright, and am I alone- No, my daughters are with me.  Then the room attendent said don't try to move, big strong men are coming to help me.  I couldn't have stood up if I'd wanted to!  All  I could think was that this was the most terrible pain I've had, and I've given natural childbirth to two children!  Then Cici and Summer were there trying to rub my calves, and giving me water to drink.  After about 10 minutes 3 paramedics arrived to help me.  One kneeled behind me to give me someething to lean on (thank you Lord!),  and the lead paramedic asked if I was on birth control ?!  After about 20 minutess legs finally started to relax, and they helped me to get up into a chair.  Finally, we were able to leave, but still had to take the Metro back to the trian station to take the train home, during rush on Friday night!.  By the time we finally got home, we all agreed that I have to drink a lot more water, and we don't leave home without a small can of tonic water for cramps.  Oh, well, such is life!